Two R & D centers
An international active technology company
  FLK  engineering ceramic materials provincial high tech enterprise research and development center, established in 2011, is subordinate to Ningbo FLK Technology Co., Ltd. The R & D center covers an area of 1500 square meters, with fixed assets of more than 11 million yuan and 20 technical R & D personnel. The R & D center has a total of more than 80 sets of various experimental equipment and instruments, which meet the requirements of experiment, pilot test and product performance test in the whole process of ultra refining, purification, preparation of mixed materials, granulation, various forming processes, sintering to finishing, performance test, etc.
  Since its establishment, the R & D center has undertaken 4 national scientific research projects and 2 municipal major science and technology projects. He has applied for 20 invention patents, published 13 papers, participated in the formulation of 2 national / industrial standards, won 8 science and technology awards including Zhejiang Province and China machinery industry, and the conversion rate of scientific research achievements has reached 76%. R & D center is the core force of the company's new technology and new product development, casting the company's core competitiveness and ensuring the company's long-term development.