Encapsulated O-ring

Teflon-coated O-rings are made of silicon or Viton® and are a seamless and uniform core material.The O-ring is coated with Teflon® FEP or PFA.Compared with PTFE O-ring, it has excellent performance in compression set and cold flow.

In addition, it has almost the same performance as the perfluoroelastomer O-ring and is inexpensive.High-quality capsules and core materials comply with FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) regulations

It can be safely used in food and pharmaceutical fields.

 Capsule material
  Dupont Teflon® FEP
  Dupont Teflon® PFA
 Core materials
   Silicon grade ZZR 765B
  Dupont Viton®E-60C grade

temperature range
  -60°C to +204°C (-75°F to +400°F)
   Duration as short as + 260°C (+ 500°F)
  - .. 60°C to +260°C (-75°F to +500°F)
      Duration as short as +300°C (+575°F)

Hardness level
 Solid core silicon 85-90
 Solid core Viton®90-95
 Hollow silicon 75-80


There are two types of circular silicon core materials: solid and hollow with high compressibility.

About Encapsulated O-ring

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