The Chief Labour Union of Panhuo Street Hands out Welfare to
2020-09-18 have read
        It's autumn already, but the hot sun doesn't seem to be yielding. In order to assure good health of basic staff and safe production, the Chief Labour Union of Panhuo Street brought to our staff nicely prepared gift bags, and Chairman Xu of the company’s Labour Union handed them out to each staff who is working in the front line.
        Also, it is worth mentioning that the company is also sending ice drinks to the workshop. The HR department freezes the drinks - salt soda - into the refrigerator in advance every day, and hands them to employees after they are chilled, so that employees can feel a little bit cool in the hot summer.
        Care & love go first, and it brings us closer. Wish all staff staying healthy and fit, striving to be strong!