The First Postdoctoral Students at FLK Successfully Passed t
2020-10-19 have read
    On the afternoon of September 10, 2020, the meeting of concluding report from the first members of postdoctoral students jointly trained by Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering under Chinese Academy of Sciences and Ningbo FLK Technology Co., Ltd. were held in the conference room of the newly completed science and technology building of Ningbo FLK.
    The experts team, including Tan Shouhong, researcher of Shanghai Institute of Ceramics under Chinese Academy of Sciences, Jiangnan and Li He researchers of Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering under Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zheng Shunqi, researcher of 52 Institute of China North Industries Group, and Xie Fangmin, senior engineer of Ningbo FLK Technology Co., Ltd., acknowledged the achievements made by the two postdoctors, Guo Daidong and Cai Ningning, during their work at the center. They all agreed that they have had the ability to independently engage in scientific research, and their achievements have practical significance and economic value. And they have completed the postdoctoral work tasks. The post doctoral exit report has reached the postdoctoral exit level and the experts agreed that they have passed the exit examination.
    Guo Tao, director of special technology department of Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, Wang Huanran, assistant to director of Yinzhou District Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, and Zhou Zijian, chief of special technology section, also attended the exit report meeting. They congratulated to the two postdoctors and encouraged them to continue their efforts in future work and make more contributions to the enterprise and society. At the same time, the leaders have also affirmed achievements of FLK’s postdoctoral work, and are happy to join hands with the company to introduce more talents, use talents well and serve the society.
    Wu Guoping, president and general manager of the company, expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the leaders and experts for attending the meeting, and sent his best wishes to all the experts on the special day of Teachers' Day. They are the first two postdoctors who have existed from the center since the company established the provincial postdoctoral center. In the future, the company will further enhance talent training and keep following the way of technology innovation.